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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 15, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i'm andrea tantaros along with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." it had to hurt to wake up at the white house this morning and see this on the front page of "usa today." the big headline above the fold, "irs gave a pass to liberals" referring to one of three scandals threatening the administration. and that's just the beginning. when brian williams is talking watergate, jon stewart stops covering for you and even tax cheat charlie rangel won't stick up for you, things are not looking good at 1600
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pennsylvania avenue. >> the last time the government was found looking into the phone calls of reporters and using the irs for political purposes, it was the nixon era. >> mr. president, when did you find out about the irs targeting conservative groups? >> i first learned about it from the same news reports that i think most people learned about this. i think it was on friday. >> no one at the office thought to run that up the flagpole. i wouldn't be surprised if president obama learned that osama bin laden was killed when he saw himself announcing it on television. >> i don't think that anyone believes the president has given a sufficient answer for america. i think this is just the beginning. >> you didn't just hallucinate. i promise that really happened. and you know what? i want to congratulate the media today and the comedians. finally, they are seeing what we have been saying for years, welcome to 2007. >> of course, it's all on the heels of the a.p. scandal.
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they get a little taste of what we've been talking about for a long time. here's the problem. president obama has a chicago-style ring around him. valerie jarrett, eric holder, jack lew, jay carney. they lock arms and form a ring around president obama so even if he is calling the shots from within the ring, that ring is shielding him as the blowback comes back to him. but there's a way to break the ring. remind people about all these scandals. we have to stay on it. benghazi is huge. we have to stay on benghazi. keep reminding people because in the voting booth when people think about these scandals and go to vote in 2014, that's the way to send the message that we're not going to take any of this political elitism anymore. >> they wanted to be a part of history. they did not even want to report that he was untested or about his lack of records.
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can we blame them for reporting? >> i would never blame the media for anything. it's true. what we're seeing is a therapy session. kind of an intervention for all the media. they didn't break the irs story. the story came to them. i have no sympathy for them now that they've seen their golden hero fall apart. i will say this, president obama is a genius. he said that he wanted to end hyperpartisanship. he did, through his detached corruption, these united factions as desperate as the tea party and the left wing media are uniting saying this guy's an incompetent boob. when he said there was no there there about benghazi, that now actually applies to him. >> dana? >> well, the headline that you held up, it says "irs targeted liberals -- there's not enough
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room to say the obama irs targeted liberals. but they've been governing inside a moon bounce for the last five years. they were so protected from everything. but i have to tell you something, i think the media dropped the ball on this. but don't be fooled. by next week, they'll all be coming back around and trying to help and say, oh, how responsible, they called for a commission and everything's going to be fine. and there was no there there. i guarantee it, by tuesday. >> it is a little bizarre to see paul begala say the tea party was right. and i'm wondering if you're going to see a split. dana says the media will come back around. you also see democrats who worked for clinton start to focus off benghazi and get onto these other scandals. do you think in a political -- from a political perspective, the clinton people are saying, let's get off benghazi, let's talk about irs and shift off her because she's going to be running? >> i think there's something to that. if i were in that group, i would probably try to do that.
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two things, greg said that obama was genius and then went on to say pejoratively whatever it was. but he is very good at coming out of these things. i would not count him out. i think this guy is a fantastic communicator. he hasn't communicated what he needs to communicate. but on benghazi, i think it is getting -- i understand four people died. i don't think it's a big scandal there. on the a.p., the a.p. ought to be brought in front of the justice department for breaking the espionage act for leaking that information. on the irs, that is just terrible, horrible, ridiculous scandal and should be dealt with. but i think the other two, when you keep saying these are all scandals, the a.p. thing is not anywhere near a scandal for me. >> why do you think he's such a fantastic communicator? let me give you a few examples. on the benghazi piece, because they weren't transparent at the beginning, they have dealt with a nine-month-long process and
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now the media's giving birth to the story. on the second one, on the irs piece, no one told the president until friday that this was happening even though jay carney says the white house was notified two weeks ago. then the president put out a very strong statement but only after the media coverage five days later. statement very strong. just because he can say a sentence well, i don't think that makes him a great communicator. >> maybe from the standpoint of bandaging the government. but in terms of a campaign, he came from behind and won reelection in a year he never should have done it. if the republicans hadn't had such a bad candidate -- he should not have been reelected. he should have been beaten. >> can i make a point, too -- you brought up the tea party. the tea party did something that was fairly brave and mocked. they spoke truth to power. one of the most powerful, likable presidents in the country and they spoke truth to him. this is the fantasy of every
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left wing group, to be the target of the irs or to be the target of the government because it's incredibly romantic. occupy wall street would have loved for this to happen. this is what they make movies out of. in a weird way, the modern tea party are the black panthers. maybe the media should be apologizing to the tea party. maybe robert redford should make a movie about the tea party because they truly are the revolutionaries. they're the ones you spoke to with the power and they got persecut persecuted. that's the goal. >> you said that he is a good campaigner. and a good communicator. but the reason he was such a good communicator is everything that he said, the media ran with. they printed every story. they didn't print select stories and they carried his water so it was easy for him to be a good campaigner. and think about this, he was such a good campaigner, he wasn't doing his job. and that's the crux of every single one of these scandals. >> you're indicting the entire media now.
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>> okay, there are some reporters i will say that have done excellent work, some at cbs, some a it ju"the wall stre journal" and other media outlets. but they didn't -- >> it took two or three years -- they all bought into the war in iraq, too, and they all backed off after three years. they buy into things. this media is not exactly what you call independently minded. >> and we're buying into it right now because the real story here is the benghazi terror attacks -- >> why? >> because four americans were dead and there were a lot of questions that still need answering. >> true. >> who called for the stand-down order? who actually changed the talking points and why -- this a.p. stuff, you're right, it's all smoke in mirrors right now. they have him covered. in the a.p. stuff, president obama said he didn't know until he heard about it via news outlets.
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the iris story, same thing. it's an isolated case. a couple of low-level irs agents in cincinnati, maybe only two -- >> that's impossible. it runs directly to the irs in washington, d.c. >> of course it does. but the point is they've got president obama shielded on those two but they don't have him shielded on benghazi. >> if i were rush limbaugh after seeing jon stewart, i would buy a lottery ticket today. >> why? >> we have to get this sound in. >> this is his lucky day. >> it is. it's not president obama's. and questions are being asked, what about his responsibility? remember this flashback, president obama said the buck stops with him. >> when you're president, you've got to walk and chew gum at the same time. ultimately the buck stops with me. as president, i'd be responsible for everything, to some degree. >> but look at how he and his advisers have explained this -- >> first of all, the cia was the
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agency that made changes to the edits -- to the talking points. >> the whole issue of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a sideshow. >> i would refer to the irs. i don't have information about that. we have no knowledge of any attempt by the justice department to seek phone records of the "associated press." >> part of being president is there's so much underneath you that you can't know because the government's so vast. >> carney said it was a sideshow, dana. it looks like a three-ring circus and president obama's the ringleader. >> e and eric holder is the bearded lady. >> when he says the buck stops here, true. but they make sure the buck never gets there because they never tell him anything. so he can apparently say, i don't know, i don't know. >> i disagree. i honestly think he's calling the shots but they have that ring -- no, holder decided -- oh, wait a minute. holder, i'm recusing myself because of my deputy, because i testified. it's my deputy attorney
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general -- they have so many layers -- when the flak comes back, they say, president obama didn't know about it. meanwhile, there's no way in the world when all this stuff is breaking in benghazi or breaking with the irs or breaking with the a.p. that somebody doesn't say, hey, mr. president, this is big and you want to know about it. >> the point is now the president of the united states does have to have the buck stop where it is, on his desk. and he has to answer these things. it's as simple as that. >> i think we have a bigger problem if we could look beyond just the 24-hour news cycle a longer-term legacy. in temprms of governing, you dot want to be the president like nixon who nosedived people's trust in government and it took decades and different parties to try to build that back. it's been going down over the last 10 to 12 years. but this is -- because of these scandals all happening at the
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same time, it is a collapse of confidence in government that is so large that if they don't do something quite dramatic and independent and show that the tea party and whoever else, the liberal groups, anybody else who thinks it is wrong what the irs did, that they will have fallen short and will not have served president obama well in history. >> history tells us, it's amazing the number of presidents who get in this kind of trouble. whether it was nixon on watergate or reagan on iran -- >> his number one promise was to restore the trust in government. >> other presidents have as well. >> his expectations were so high. doesn't it value the criticism -- president obama would golf too much, he campaigned too much, he wasn't focused, he was playing basketball, hobnobbing with celebrities. doesn't this prove the point that the criticism was valid, that he wasn't focused on the job or just didn't care? >> it reminds me of a guy in college i knew who we rented a
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winnebago to go down to a game at usc and he put it on cruise control and then came back and sat down because he didn't understand what cruise control was. you cannot detach yourself from the steering wheel. and that's what happened. president obama stepped away because he was so cool and so detached he thought he could. but if you look at irs and look at benghazi, they have one thing in common -- they happened prior to an election. basically obama drove those dogs out into the woods and left them there -- >> are you comparing his problems with watergate and iran -- >> brian williams did. >> i think williams is -- >> how many died in watergate? >> nobody died in watergate. and the sweeping -- we got an argument in this over watergate. you said, imagine if nixon would
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have done this ignoring every protocol that the department of justice set for itself to spy. those are not my words, they're the words of "the new york times," and subpoena over 100 reporters' phones at, let's say, "the washington post." nixon did not do that. he didn't do close to that level. >> he fired his independent prosecutor because he didn't like the fact that he was going over his tapes. you don't think that's a problem? >> it's like when hillary hired the ambassador and the admiral to do her a.r.b. -- >> you've got this right. this is about hillary. benghazi is about hillary. >> we have a fox news alert. this is breaking news here. the white house has just released over 100 pages of e-mails on benghazi. this just breaking, of course. this is something that steven hayes has auld for and a number of others. it's the subject of an editorial. he's been pushing to release the
2:15 pm
e-mails. it's also something that david axelrod said this morning that they should do. and it looks like they have done it. >> and steven hayes said he released the transcripts and he didn't. >> directly ahead, the white house has released e-mail on benghazi. we'll be right back. stay with us. you don't want to miss this. li, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) designed for your most precious cargo. (girl) what? (announcer) the all-new subaru forester. (announcer) designed for your most precious cargo. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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this is a fox news alert. if you've been following "the five," we've been asking this question of who pushed the video in the benghazi scandal. we're going to talk about this in the c block. but the white house has succumbed to pressure releasing hundreds of pages of e-mails. let's look this morning at what steve hayes of weekly standard, he was on earlier today, been reporting on this for several months.
2:20 pm
he was the subject of some discussion last night after parts of e-mails were released. take a listen to what he said earlier. >> jay carney has been up telling the american people not om in the past couple of weeks, but basically for the past six, eight months that the white house wants nothing more than to have the whole story told. one way to make sure that that happens is to release these e-mails. >> that's a novel idea. you would think maybe there would be disagreement on that from the left. but check out david axelrod right after this. >> i think they would benefit from getting all these e-mails out in public. >> okay, so the white house got good advice. they finally released the e-mails. we haven't seen them yet. but do you think if you looked through them you could figure out, who pushed the video? >> no. it's the only question that matters. we were the only people saying that once that question is answered, everything will be fine. >> do you think that -- eric -- >> can i say this.
2:21 pm
this smells very fishy to me. 100 pages. if they've got 22,000 pages of obama care regulation, there are only 100 pages of e-mails -- >> we don't know what was released. they might have protected the executive office of the president. >> i bet there are 100,000 pages of e-mails going back and forth -- >> there might be. andrea, what do you think -- they're dealing with so many different crises at the white house, did they make the decision that, we have to get one of these off our plate and benghazi is the one to get rid of first? >> stop the bleeding on something. i don't think they could stop it on the irs scandal because it's a big drip every day on the irs scandal. the a.p. seemed to be the biggest scandal of the day. but the calls to release the benghazi e-mails were too obvious. people were saying, why not? the white house says it has unprecedented transparency. this is a white house who on
2:22 pm
past scandals have refused -- and you said invoked executive privilege before. we haven't reviewed the e-mails. but are we getting the full story from them? >> i actually agree with a lot of the restrictions on releasing documents that go to the president. i think there is a reason that the executive privilege exists. but do you think that they are at risk of setting a precedent here by having leaked selective parts of e-mails to try to make their story look better? do you think they had too much pressure and released them all. >> somebody down there doesn't understand their history very well. every time something like this happens, in the end, you have to release the e-mails. it was a given. you weren't going to be able to keep this out -- >> that was true in the u.s. attorney scandal. we thought that for months and months. >> eventually you have to do it. they need to learn a lesson from this. part of this is right about benghazi. i think in the end, despite the tragedy of losing four
2:23 pm
americans, benghazi is not going to be a big scandal. i think the irs thing is a serious scandal and has to be dealt with. i think the a.p. thing is a question of national security and i think the a.p. crossed the line. >> you want us to believe that. they've had this irs scandal for months. they've known about this. they released this as benghazi was starting -- as we were approaching -- getting the truth out of benghazi, it gets released. i'm not saying it's going to be big. but let me reference 100 e-mails. look at us, six of us. we probably get 400 e-mails per day each -- >> probably 1,000. >> okay, the 1,000. you're going to tell me there's not tens of thousands if not 100,000 of communication on benghazi? >> president obama is going to speak at 6:00 p.m. tonight. make sure you watch that. we've been told that it is going to be specifically about the irs
2:24 pm
scandal, not on benghazi. unclear whether or not he will take questions. stay tuned at 6:00 p.m. right after "the five." the president will speak. what was your point? >> i was going to say, when your defense is something that happened a long time ago, you're guilty. >> that's u like when you cheat -- >> yeah, when you're innocent and somebody says, you did something wrong, you go, hell, no, i'm innocent. you don't go, it happened a long time ago. if somebody gets you on something and you reference in the context of time, you're guilty. the other thing, too, is obama is in a really weird state. if he didn't claim that it was terrorism and blamed a video, that's a mistake. if he claimed it was terrorism and then went fund-raising, that's a mistake. he's got the emotions of a country bear jamboree. >> they needed to cover up the terrorist angle of this because they were in the middle of a campaign -- >> that's scandal!
2:25 pm
>> this is the first time bob beckel has said that. >> i've said it before. i'm a politician. that's what i would do, too. >> but that's a scandal. >> no, it's not. >> my last word is don't focus on the spokesperson and talking points. it's the higher-ups that have responsibility. don't blame the messenger. eric holder was drilled on capitol hill today on two scandals rocking the administration. eric is going to tell us what happened on this wild wacky five next.
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this is a fox news alert. at 6:00 p.m. tonight, president obama will make a statement from the white house about the irs scandal after meeting with senior treasury officials. meanwhile, eric holder was grilled on capitol hill today on two of the scandals threatening the obama administration' the irs targeting obama's political opponents and the department of justice's snooping on a.p. reporters. we're going to start with the
2:30 pm
irs, the obama administration says the agency, what they did, was intolerable. and eric holder is promising to bring those responsible to justice. listen. >> as of friday of last week, i ordered that a criminal investigation be begun. the provisions that you have noted are ones that we are looking at, civil rights provisions, irs provisions, pachally the hatch act. to the extent that there are enforcement gaps that we find, we'll work with this committee to make sure what happened and was as outrageous as i've said and if we have to bring criminal actions so that that kind of action, that kind of activity does not happen again. >> well, that would be nice. speaking around the table, i wanted to ask you if it's time for a special prosecutor but also what do you think we'll hear from obama today? >> i do think it's starting to look that way for a special prosecutor. but keep in mind a special prosecutor is only as good as the person that they appoint,
2:31 pm
somebody unbiased, nonpartisan, ethical, fair-minded and a person who would be appointing that special prosecutor is eric holder. and so once it starts to look like the d.o.j. cannot ethically cover this, that's when that should come into play. i think we're there. we learned today, eric, that they weren't just targeting tea party groups at the irs. they were targeting religious groups, the billy graham organization, pro-israel groups. this is a complete, complete den graduation of the first amendment. and i will just say this -- every scandal comes back to one thing we're talking about, protecting president obama's power. benghazi is important and the a.p. scandal is important because it's both about national security and how they wanted to control the story line on national security and how -- >> what would you tell him to say if you're his senior adviser? >> tell everything you've got on this but the only caveat is it does threaten national security and put it all out and say,
2:32 pm
here's what you've been looking for. i wish we would stop calling the a.p. thing a scandal. the scandal is releasing information on national security that endangered the lives of american citizens. >> stay on the irs. >> fine. >> dana,you've been in that spot. what do you tell president obama? >> well, i'm not a lawyer. and i think he's going to need very good legal advice right now. but he also has to think about this collapse of the confidence in government. whatever the investigation is into the irs needs to be considered by everybody in america to be fair and credible at every level. they cannot have a shred of anybody thinking that eric holder has done anything or appointed anyone that would look into something that would protect president obama. you cannot have the fox guarding the hen house on this or you will continue to erode on that confidence. on the independent council thing, i think they will resist because if they do, it would suggest there is something out
2:33 pm
of the four walls of the irs that was involved in this. and they won't want to do that. >> what about it, greg? what do we hear from him? >> i think it's going to be a lot of -- i don't know anything, holder, i don't know anything. i don't think holder is playing dumb. he's not that good of an actor. it's the real deal. if they make a remake of "dumb & dumber," he could play both roles. i love how he recuses himself. this is like -- imagine if you were -- >> that was funny, i'm sorry. >> if you're in a meeting at work and you're about to be fired and you're like, got to recuse myself! he's like the david brent of attorney generals. i'm like, how do you recuse yourself, how do you do that? just announce it. >> one of the ways they could do this is there's no more independent council or special prosecutors. that law ended in 1999. they ought to appoint a republican. that would be the right thing -- >> or a bipartisan group on entitlement, like simpson/bowles or --
2:34 pm
>> judge judy. >> somebody like a fran townsend, she is a former prosecutor. she worked at the fbi. she's homeland security council adviser. lots of credibility. >> and we could get one for benghazi and maybe even the a.p. >> maybe a three-fer, right? don't you think at 6:00 you're going to hear the president be very outraged? he's going to be so outraged. i can't believe this happened. the tea party, i had no clue this was happening. i found out when you found out. i'm just like you. >> that is the most insane thing i've heard of all the things he says that he finds out by watching tv, yet he's the leader of the free world, potentially the most powerful man on the planet. >> like, yeah, i heard that on the news like on friday, i think. and it's monday now. >> you're the one who say he's surrounded by the chicago -- i would bet he didn't know about it and they kept it away from him. >> he should be mad at that.
2:35 pm
>> i said there was a chicago -- d.c., district of chicago circle around him. but when it fails -- >> you think he calls the shots to investigate conservative groups -- >> i think he was aware of it. i don't think he minds. >> listen, it was implied. >> can we appoint a special prosecutor and he can learn about it from watching us. >> maybe he's watching "the five." before i go, how about eric holder releases his taxes? how about you release your personal phone records like you did to the a.p.? we'd like to see those, too. president obama speaking, 6:00 p.m., less than 30 minutes from now. we'll be right back.
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this is a fox news alert.
2:40 pm
president obama is about to deliver a statement from the white house at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the irs skonl. we'll bring that to you live. we're getting our first look at the hundreds of pages -- actually we have one page -- of e-mails from the white house on benghazi. this stuff is mind-blowing. my mind has exploded all over the table. it's a mess. you were saying during the break -- >> there's less here than in a fluffer-nutter. this is all we have so far. and that doesn't make any sense. al qaeda was in the talking points -- al qaeda was taken out of talking points before it got to the white house. but then why did it -- why do we have the e-mail from the cia in the first place that has the deletions? i guess breath will steer us in the right direction when he has it. and there are ongoing protests. the cia says he understands that there are interagency disagreements on what was in the
2:41 pm
talking points. so he decided, mike morrell, the cia director, he's going to take the lead and change it and then it's more opaque than -- >> something that's opaque. a bog, perhaps. >> i don't know. there's no there there yet. >> again, though, this is -- we're getting -- they're going through them and they're going to send this information. but we have 100 pages of e-mails, there are obviously a lot more. they're on benghazi but he's going to speak about the irs at 6:00 p.m. right after these e-mails. i'd love to hear what he has to say about some of these accusations -- some of these revelations in these e-mails. and, again, it's just about the talking -- i know we all want to know what happens with the talking points. but no one's addressing who told them to the stand-down order, not to send the help to chris stevens. if there's one thing this country was based on, built on is that our military realizes that no one gets left behind. you're in trouble, someone will come after you and get you.
2:42 pm
for 237 years, that's been the understanding. as of last september, that can no longer be said for the first time in our history. >> you at least try. >> yeah. >> do we even really need to see the e-mails? let's take the e-mails off the table because we don't have all the information here. what do we know? we know that ambassador stevens spoke to gregory hicks and gregory hicks spoke to hillary clinton. with e know that intelligence agency officials on the ground in benghazi, libya, that night said it was al qaeda. all we know where this is they've had sharia and al qaeda omitted. based on the information that karl and hayes uncovered that general petraeus was upset based on the emissions. there is enough to see these talking points were edited and edited in a direction to make them not true. we know this already. so i think the e-mails are great. but what we know already is enough for a scandal and why didn't they secure the embassy in the first place?
2:43 pm
>> by the way, i meant to say jonathan kooarl and not steven hayes when he read the summation of -- >> i don't think we were on the air when you said that. >> i wasn't? but i think from this, we just got these things a few minutes ago. it's very clear the state department did not want to mention the terror cell that was responsible for this thing. that's clear. and morrell took the heat for taking the edits out. those are not unimportant things. by the way, 100 e-mails is a lot of e-mails on one event that happens over the course of a day. >> it's a lot of e-mails for you. but the thing that you said that i want to go back to, bob, what you admitted to a while ago is that this was about covering up something in order to win an election. that, to me, is bigger than anything. it's why you push the video, to
2:44 pm
prevent people from saying it was a terrorist attack, which would have hurt obama's credibility in the reelection. that's the scandal. that was a political move. >> yeah. >> that politicized the death of four people. you have to admit, that's awful. >> it is awful. but i would tell you when you're in the middle of a reelection campaign for president, bad information is kept out of circulation as much as you can possibly do it. and that's the way it is. that's the politics of it. it may be the wrong thing to do. it may be horrible but you have to accept it. as a politician, i accept it. >> i maintain it wouldn't have mattered for president obama. i think he was going to win anyway. >> i think they didn't know that -- >> these 100 pages of e-mails or whatever it ends up being, they're good. but don't we want to see all of them? don't you want to see eighth months' worth of -- >> i don't want to see anything that has national implications security. i think 100 is a lot of e-mails for an incident like this. >> like i said before, we each, each one of us get up to 400
2:45 pm
e-mails on a busy day, each. >> and we are dealing with very important things. >> most of the e-mails are really dumb jokes with dana. >> you want to hear one? >> no. >> don't you think this ties into -- benghazi ties into the a.p. story? it was evident that the white house was going back and forth with the "associated press" about a 4-year-old terror plot. and they wanted to be the ones to get out in front of it. they didn't take the proper protocol -- >> there's clearly a lot more. >> how do you know there's clearly a lot more? >> this is all of them? >> from the time you get into the white house, it's to mi minimize the -- >> if you cover up, you cover up by releasing the 100 you want released. >> you don't want to write it down. >> we'll be right back with more on the breaking news out of washington today. stay with us, please. [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail,
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2:49 pm
fox news alert, the white house has released 100 e-mails concerning the issue of benghazi. i understand eric may have something new here. >> breath is going through them and he said sh this , this is a. page 46 of these e-mails. it says, quote, this is from the
2:50 pm
cia, quote, the state department has major reservations with much of the document. we revised the document with their concerns in mind. and he notes -- breath documenth their concerns in mind, and this directly contradicts jay carney when he said they only changed one word or thought, and hillary clinton, both of those. there's a lot of contradictions going on. >> you put your finger right on. barbara boxer said this is all about getting to hillary clinton for 2016, it is. >> no. hillary clinton is facilitating us talking about her. this isn't republicans looking for something. >> oh, really? you think the republicans are doing this for the good of the democracy? >> bob, there's four dead americans. we know now, based on the emails coming out, even more than we knew a couple days ago, which is
2:51 pm
they lied to us, not just president obama, hillary clinton, jay carney, susan rice -- >> give me one incident in which hillary clinton lied. >> her conversation with gregory hicks, when they didn't talk about that when she was under. >> did she tell a lie or not? >> yes. she did, jay carney, they all did. >> that's absurd. >> oh, but when democrats use it, it's okay. >> is this the white house, saying this is how we're going to put this fire out? >> having only known about this for about 25 minutes now, i don't know for sure. i do think that because the white house has so much on its plate right now, they're trying to figure out a way to get the benghazi off its plate. hillary clinton is no longer secretary of state. if they can get this off to the side, they can deal with the
2:52 pm
other two hot button issues they have, plus not to mention, president obama's very beleaguered domestic agenda, all the things they have to do going forward. >> this will put carney in the crosshairs also, because this email contradicts everything he said, doubled down twice saying we only changed one thought or word. >> i agre i disagree with bob. who pushed the video, not was it hillary clinton's fault. we never -- i don't care about hillary clinton, because i'm assuming democrats care more about that. >> you don't think chaffetz is not in this for politics? >> the death of the americans, who pushed the video, is more important. i think the democrats have more to gain than republicans. >> why don't we bring up hillary
2:53 pm
clinton tomorrow. >> we'll bypass one more thing and come back and talk about the president's press conference at 6:00. >> oh! >> i think that's what i was told. this has been a wonderful day, by the way. >> there he is. there he is. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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2:57 pm
>> this is a fox news alert. we're moments away from president obama addressing the irs scandal. of course just minutes ago his white house released over 100 documents, emails, relating to benghazi, but he's expected at this press conference that you're watching now to address the irs scandal. so what should the president say? how should he handle this, greg? any advice? >> i think in the spirit of benghazi, he should blame the tv series "the west wing." >> oh. >> since he blames videos, just go with that. >> speaking of "the west wing," remember the character, the lone republican who worked in the west wing, a skeptic. >> uh-huh. >> i think that president obama should add somebody to his team, if i still lived in d.c., i'd be happy to do it's, just to go down and tell them, no, that
2:58 pm
doesn't make sense, and actually does not make sense to me to release the benghazi emails 40 minutes before -- that are bombshell emails -- and then go on the tv at 6:00 p.m. 40 minutes later to talk about the irs scandal. it's not going to work. >> they're trying to confuse you. >> they need to take it step by 10, block by block. >> it's a strange strategy. >> i don' the strategy makes seo confuse as many people as possible. headline issues tomorrow, two different things are out, as opposed to concentrating on the irs scandal alone. i don't think it's so bad. in that position, anything you're going to do to try to confuse the issue is better than one thing at a time. >> i know we want to talk about the irs, but quickly, page 47, another email from victoria nuland at the state department, these don't resolve my issues or
2:59 pm
my building leadership. do you know who the building leadership is? hillary rodham clinton. >> who's this nice young lady? >> she makes sure everybody is ready, warning the press, a two-minute warning, and then the president will come up. >> looks like a nice lady. >> don't you think the president should apologize, i think, to the tea party, to the group they -- i mean, i think this is the perfect time for him to apologize, not be fake in his outrage, to show he's finally in charge, finally the leader, taking responsibility. maybe say, i encourage eric holder to appoint a special prosecutor. >> i think that makes a lot of sense. i think he has an opportunity to apologize. it's a good time to do it. >> we'll be watching very, very closely. >> it's a sad thing, that terrible joke night was ruined, terrible joke night with my one more thing. we'll hold that till tomorrow. >> can't wait. >> have to watch "jay leno" to find out.
3:00 pm
i just found out i'm going to be on shepard smith's show at 7:15. >> all right. we are going live to the white house. brebret baier and "special repo" are up next. >> good evening. i'm bret baier. we're moments away from a statement from president obama. he will address the irs under bipartisan siege. also late this afternoon, a benghazi downtown dump within the last hour. if that wasn't enough, the attorney general spent much of the afternoon being grilled under oath over wiretaps. three scandals with one president under fire for all of it. we have fox team coverage tonight. james rosen with the breaking details on the benghazi document dump. we're going through it all. katherine harridge with eric tolder over first amendment abuses. and mike emanuel on